Coronavirus: Who to contact if you notice a quarantine breach

Government sets up email address for concerned citizens to report breaches of mandatory quarantine

Updated on 12 March at 8:15pm with new email address to contact

Citizens worried about individuals who are not observing their mandatory quarantine period can report breaches to the health authorities by sending an email to [email protected].

On Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced obligatory quarantine measures for people who travelled to and from high-risk countries in Europe.

People who arrived to Malta from Italy in the last 14 days, and those arriving from Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland today, are to stay in quarantine at home or in their hotel for 14 days. All air and sea travel to the five countries has been stopped.

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The quarantine will be enforced through the imposition of €1,000 fines for every breach instance. Police will be carrying out spot-checks to ensure quarantine measures are being followed.

People having any questions or concerns regarding coronavirus call on 111, the government helpline staffed by specialised team of doctors.