Coronavirus: Teenager is thirteenth case as Malta registers its first recovery

The Maltese health authorities announced late on Friday night that a 19-year-old Maltese woman who travelled from Brussels tested positive for Covid-19

Malta has registered its thirteenth case of coronavirus
Malta has registered its thirteenth case of coronavirus

A teenager who travelled to Brussels between 4 and 8 March was diagnosed with Covid-19 late on Friday night, the health authorities said.

The 19-year-old Maltese developed her first symptoms on 11 March. The woman’s health condition is good.

No further details were given in the late-night press statement issued by the Health Ministry.

This is the thirteenth case of coronavirus in Malta. Like all previous cases, it was imported and no local transmission took place.

On a positive note, the health authorities said the mother from the first cases of coronavirus registered last week has recovered.

The woman has twice, in 24 hours, tested negative, and has been released from Mater Dei Hospital. She is now back at home observing quarantine for a few more days as per health guidelines.

The ministry appealed for adherence to directions being issued by the government and advice being given by the health authorities.

The authorities are calling on people to respect the mandatory quarantine, not organise mass events, avoid unnecessary travel and for the elderly to stay at home.

On Friday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that all passengers travelling to Malta, including tourists, will have to go into 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

Quarantine is being enforced through spot checks by the police and anybody caught disobeying is liable to a €1,000 fine.

Meanwhile, the law courts will not be opening from Moonday, open-air markets apart from foodstalls have been shut, local public health clinics known as bereġ have been closed and schools have been shut. Religious functions, including Catholic masses and Muslim prayer gatherings, have also been stopped as the country tries to contain the spread of Covid-19.


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