Coronavirus: Foreign man with fever defies orders and climbs aboard Gozo Channel

The thermal screening at the Gozo Channel found that a man attempting to get on board the ferry was fighting a fever  

The man was asked not to climb aboard the vessel but defied the order
The man was asked not to climb aboard the vessel but defied the order

A man screened at the Gozo terminal on Saturday was asked not to climb aboard the Gozo Channel after he was found with a high fever. 

The foreign national disobeyed the order and climbed aboard the ferry regardless, a Home Affairs Ministry statement said. 

"This led to the man in question being forced off the Gozo Channel Ferry as police assistance was called for."

A special unit was then called to fumigate and disinfect the vessel and the passenger terminal. Cars that had already made their way onboard were also disinfected.

While a fever is not necessarily a sure sign of Covid-19, it is one of the symptoms alongside a cough and shortness of breath that may be exhibited as a result of the virus. All individuals exhibiting such symptoms are asked to call the 111 helpline and not leave their homes.

"The person in question was transported to hospital," the statement read.

The government said that it would not be tolerating anyone who defies the law and the health guidelines at this stage. 

The Ministry also confirmed that two individuals were fined €1,000 for being found in breach of the mandatory quarantine. Anyone coming to Malta is now subject to a fine if in breach of a 14-day mandatory quarantine after arriving on the island. 

To enforce this rule, police are carrying out spot-checks. The ministry said that 90 inspections have been carried out so far on people who are under mandatory quarantine.

Those whose stay in Malta would not exceed 14 days are allowed to return to their respective country when they are due to return if they do not exhibit symptoms of Covid-19.