[WATCH] Coronavirus: Government mismanaging coronavirus outbreak, Delia says

The Nationalist Party leader said that the government is taking ‘ill-advised or late decisions’

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has said that the government is mismanaging the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite statements by health authorities that a lockdown is not yet needed, Delia called for the measure to be implemented.

Delia delivered his speech from the party’s headquarters in Pieta’, after the government called for the immediate halting of public events in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The PN leader said that the government was not abiding by its promises, citing lack of medical resources and limited public information.

Delia also said that the government was ignoring the Opposition’s offer to help.

“There will be deaths” the opposition leader said, warning that the country is not prepared to handle a nation-wide outbreak.

He described the outbreak as a “war”, stating that while a lockdown would cripple the country’s economy, the spread of Covid-19 would have a worse effect on Malta.

He also said that while the party is discussing the situation with economists, strategists and health experts, the government is not accepting the opposition’s suggestions.

“This is leading to ill-advised or late decisions,” he said.

He also called out the government for acting too late in closing down schools, stating that the decision was only pursued once schools started reporting massive absentee rates.

He also criticised the authorities for failing to properly educate people about having children in public spaces.

“So instead of having children in schools, we had them in supermarkets and playgrounds instead,” Delia said. 

He also called out parliament for not debating the Coronavirus, claiming Malta’s may be the only parliament which did not discuss the issue.

Delia also cited the government’s controversial deal over the privatisation of the country’s three state hospitals.

He insisted that had the hospitals not been privatised, 400 beds that were never delivered to St Luke’s Hospital would have been convenient during times like these.

Survey results

In the MaltaToday survey published today, support for the Nationalist Party dropped to its lowest level since Delia became leader.

The PN only managed to garner a 19.1% trust rating, shaving off almost five points since the February poll.

This is the second consecutive decrease in support for the PN and comes on the back of an open rebellion against the party leader.

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