Coronavirus: Increased fine proves effective as spot checks do not encounter breaches

Police and health officials conducted a total of 149 spot checks in the last 24 hours

Photo: Malta Police Force
Photo: Malta Police Force

In the last 24 hours, police and health officials conducted a total of 149 spot checks in Malta and 26 in Gozo and no one was found to be breaching the 14-day mandatory quarantine.

On Monday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that the fine for breaching the quarantine was increased to €3,000 from €1,000 after five individuals were not found at home after coming from abroad.

The mandatory quarantine applies to anyone flying from abroad irrespective of the country they are flying from, even if the departure country is not considered high-risk. Incoming travellers are to subject themselves to 14 days of quarantine. If breached, the fine is €3,000 per day not at home.

In total, since the police started doing spot checks, 557 were carried out.

In a government bulletin on the latest Covid-19 updates, police said that the last spot checks carried out since yesterday resulted in no breaches.

"In these circumstances, everyone should be responsible and cooperate with the directives being given by the authorities," the statement said.