[WATCH] President praises Maltese healthcare workers, 'patients are in good hands'

President George Vella appealed for all to follow the directives issued by the health authorities and to stay indoors when possible

President George Vella
President George Vella

President George Vella said that those who had contracted Covid-19 in Malta are in good hands and are receiving the best medical treatment. 

In his address to the nation on Thursday, Vella thanked the medical professionals and all the relative departments, including volunteers, who were risking their lives and making sacrifices by helping patients recover. 

"My first message goes to those who have been hit by the virus and their loved ones. You are in good hands and the medical treatment you're getting is one of the best. Be hopeful and know that you're in the thoughts and prayers of many," he said.

Vella also thanked the authorities that were keeping the nation informed. "I myself as a Maltese citizen and father believe that this information is doing a lot of good and puts a lot of minds at rest," he said.

He appealed for all to follow the directives issued by the health authorities, directives that need to be observed without exception. He also appealed for solidarity, especially with the elderly and vulnerable.

Switching to the English language to directly address the foreign residents in Malta, Vella assured them that "we're all in the same boat.

"As part of our extended family, your health is also a priority for us. We are all in this together and your actions can go a long way in ensuring that we get over this chapter the soonest possible," he said.

Vella said that he believes that international cooperation on the epidemic is strong and that no nation would be left isolated to handle the economic repercussions of such a crisis.

"The Maltese are known to bounce back from even worse situations. The unity amongst us has allowed us to beat back major difficulties in the past. With determination, discipline, solidarity and the help of God, I'm certain we'll find our feet again and carry on where we left off," he said.