[WATCH] Coronavirus: Archbishop appeals for obedience of festa directives

Archbishop Charles Scicluna says that Malta's first duty was to protect the health of its citizens

Archbishop Charles Scicluna
Archbishop Charles Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has appealed for everyone to obey Covid-19 directives being issued by the health authorities and that our principle duty at this time should be protecting our health.

"We need to stop the spread of Covid-19 by obeying instructions. Our first duty is to take care of our health. The Maltese church also has a duty to advise on decisions that will have an effect on our community," Scicluna said in a statement on Wednesday.

Scicluna was relaying directives issued by the curia on Wednesday that said that processions related to Our Lady of Sorrows, Good Friday, and Easter would all be cancelled and that village feasts will only be held if authorities lift the ban on social gatherings. 

"These nice things that we enjoy in a normal year - and this isn't a normal year - gather a lot of crowds and we have a duty to avoid social gatherings at this stage... I hope we can all remain secure and to understand we need to avoid everything we can avoid," he said.

The curia said that until further notice, village feasts will only be held on the Sunday of the actual feast day and that a thanksgiving pilgrimage with the statues of the village saints will be allowed. High mass to mark the feasts will also be held.

Scicluna reiterated that First Holy Communion and Confirmation celebrations would be postponed to after summer.

"We're all going through a difficult moment. My first duty is to thank the health authorities, all those working in our hospitals, and whoever is doing his best so that whoever needs treatment gets it," he said.