Coronavirus: Liquigas will continue to supply gas to doorstep clients

Green gas cylinders are being washed and disinfected regularly, Liquigas says

Liquigas cylinders
Liquigas cylinders

Liquigas Malta Ltd, the suppliers of gas and LPG, will continue to deliver gas to customers on their doorstep.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that Liquigas was fully stocked up to cater to this demand.

“With the onset of Covid-19 and the preventive measures being taken in Malta, Liquigas is guaranteeing a reliable, safe and adequate LPG supply for consumers, operators and distributors through Gasco Energy’s state of the art LPG facility, including a sea importation terminal, as well as storage and cylinder filling plant at Benghisa,” the company said.

Liquigas CEO Roberto Capelluto said that thanks to a significant investment in Malta, the company could guarantee security of supply even during the current crisis.

“We continue to be in a position to deliver all orders and requests of both cylinders and bulk sales. We want to protect our people and continue to guarantee the service to our customers,” he said.

The company added that operations and services were proceeding as normal and that the legal notice enforcing the closure of non-essential establishments would not affect Liquigas since it was an essential utility provider.

It said that each sealed green cylinder delivered to homes is being washed and disinfected by “a special chemical that eliminates all viruses and bacteria.”