[WATCH] Delia appeals for unity in ‘freedom fight’ against coronavirus

On Freedom Day, PN leader Adrian Delia urges the nation to unite in ‘fight for freedom’ against Covid-19

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has appealed to the Maltese people to unite in their fight against the coronavirus.

The Nationalist Party leader, in his address to the nation on Tuesday on the 41st anniversary of Freedom Day, said the people had to find the strength and resilience to persevere against the challenges caused by Covid-19.

Delia spoke of the historical trials and tribulations which Malta had been through, and survived, in the past. “The history of our country is of a people who, throughout the years, faced major challenges. We’ve been through sieges brought on by strong military powers, but we managed to unite as a people to fight common enemies,” he said.

Now, the country is facing an invisible enemy in the form of a pandemic, Delia emphasised. “This is another fight for freedom, for liberty. But we must understand that if we make some sacrifices now, we will be able to win together,” he said.

Delia's comments come a day after Prime Minister Robert Abela made comparisons between Freedom Day - which is celebrated on 31 March and marks the withdrawal of British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta in 1979 - and the island’s fight to free itself from the coronavirus.