[WATCH] Coronavirus: Shadow cabinet reshuffle addresses reality once pandemic passes, Opposition leader says

PN leader Adrian Delia says Malta needs to hit the ground running once the crisis begins to slow down 

The shadow cabinet reshuffle announced on Saturday looks to address the challenges and reality of life after the coronavirus pandemic passes, according to Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia. 

The PN leader addressed party supporters on NET TV, and explained the main changes behind the reshuffle, stating that the country’s priorities will be shifted once life starts to return to normal.

“Malta needs to hit the ground running when the crisis ends,” Delia said. 

The PN leader said that now that the country has declared a public health emergency, decisions surrounding Covid-19 will be taken by the public health superintendent rather than by the government. 

“It is important that we follow this authority, that we follow the right information which is necessary to fight against the virus,” he said. 

The PN leader said that it is not only the healthcare workers that are fighting the battle against the coronavirus, “but the whole country”.

“We must be given a clearer and bigger picture of the situation, so that we understand the ratio of how many people are getting sick, and that we provide a model on how to fight the virus and control the rate," explained Delia.

He criticised the government over the hospital deals agreement with Vitals Healthcare, stating that the money could have been directed towards the coronavirus package.

“Had the contract been withdrawn by the government, there would have been enough financial aid for all workers not just the 60,000,” the PN leader said. 

He also called on government to better engage with businesses.

“We need to not only survive, but make sure that we emerge stronger,” Delia said. 

The PN leader also mentioned mental health, stating that prolonged social distancing and restrictions, could see a rise in issues. 

“Let’s help each other, and reach out to those feeling lonely!” he said. 

He also called on the government to prioritise climate change, stating that it shouldn’t be put on the backburner. 

The PN leader welcomed the unanimous appointment of new chief justice Mark Chetcuti.

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