[WATCH] Coronavirus: 14 new cases, including three patients at Mount Carmel Hospital

The total number of Covid-19 cases stands at 241 • 555 tests carried out overnight • People also presenting themselves with gastro-intestinal symptoms

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci

Covid-19 - Press Briefing 06-4-2020

Posted by Covid19 Malta on Monday, 6 April 2020


Malta registered 14 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total to 241.

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said 555 swab tests took place overnight. Three of the new cases are patients who were staying at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Gauci said contact tracing was taking place to determine the source of contagion of the three patients. "These are people who were in the community. One was at Mater Dei Hospital and another was a resident at the Hal Far open centre, so there could be multiple possibilities of contagion and we are analysing the situation," she added.

Another case involves a 54-year-old male healthcare worker, who was both at Mater Dei and Mount Carmel. Contact tracing is also taking place.

The new cases involve two Gozitan people, including a 67-year-old woman, who is being kept in isolation at the Gozo General Hospital.

Two men aged over 70 were also among the new cases.

Gauci said all new cases were in a good state of health, noting that some people were presenting themselves with gastro-intestinal symptoms and not just respiratory problems.

Asked about the situation at the Hal Far open centre, where conditions are not adequate to practice social distancing, Gauci said the health authorities have made recommendations but would not elaborate. The centre has communal showers and toilets that are used by the more than 1,000 residents.

She said recommendations were also made for other open centres.

The government on Sunday announced that the migrant open centre at Hal Far has been put on quarantine for 14 days after eight residents registered positive for the virus. The quarantine can be extended, depending on the health situation of the more than 1,000 people living there.

Vulnerable migrants have been transferred out of the centre and those with Covid-19 have been isolated from the rest.

Gauci said five people had fully recovered, including the first Covid-19 patient - a 12-year-old girl.

Where are patients being kept?

  • 1 Gozo General Hospital
  • 2 Mount Carmel
  • 3 Mater Dei ITU
  • 8 Mater Dei infectious diseases unit
  • 16 Boffa Hospital
  • 20 St Thomas Hospital
  • The rest are being kept at home in mandatory quarantine

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