[WATCH] Coronavirus: 38 new cases, including girl, boy and two pregnant women

38 new cases • Total so far 337 • 2 people have died • 1,018 tests carried out overnight

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci

There were 38 new cases of Covid-19 overnight, including two children, two pregnant women, a healthcare worker and a carer in an old people's home.

This brings the total number of cases so far to 337. Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said 1,018 tests were carried out overnight.

One of the cases involves a 31-year-old male worker at Antonio Piscopo Wines and Spirits in Paola, with Gauci asking clients who visited the establishment from 6 April onwards to contact the 111 helpline for direction. She said the contact with clients was not at length and the risk of transmission was minimal.

Another case involved a 32-year-old female healthcare worker, who last worked on 6 and 7 April. Gauci said contact tracing among work colleagues and patients she may have come in contact with was ongoing to determine who may have been exposed.

A 51-year-old female carer at an old people's home tested positive despite displaying no symptoms. The testing was part of routine screening of carers.

A 38-year-old pregnant woman, who tested positive for Covid-19, also had no symptoms. The test was a routine swab as part of the procedure before she gave birth.

A second pregnant woman, aged 30, also registered positive.

On the second death of a man recovering at Karin Grech rehabilitation hospital that was reported earlier, Gauci said there were no more cases so far at the hospital and the man was placed in isolation when he tested positive.

Gauci reiterated that more cases were showing no symptoms, which was worrying from a public health aspect. She insisted that social distancing and basic hygiene rules remained the best advice.

She insisted vulnerable people should stay inside to avoid the risk of contracting the virus.