[WATCH] Country’s success should be calculated on people’s wellbeing, Opposition leader says

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia addressed a press conference to commemorate worker’s day 

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said the Nationalist Party’s measurement of the country’s success will be its people’s wellbeing and lifestyle, not Malta’s GDP. 

The PN leader was addressing a press conference on the occasion of Worker’s Day together with a number of party officials. 

“We are now realising that the most precious things in life like being with other people, cannot be bought,” Delia said. 

Delia referred to a parliamentary debate held on Thursday on the hospitals contract, outlining how millions of euro were being forked out to those who have refrained from doing anything. 

“The country has other parts in the healthcare sector where such funds could be directed,” he said. 

He went on to say human resource is the most important, thanking healthcare workers for going above and beyond their call of duty. 

"Let us invest in these people. Let us not give our funds to someone we don't know to run away with. Let us invest them in our country and others we invite to come to our country, so that we will have the best services," the PN leader said.

He also called on more youths to join the health sector. 

Speaking on workers, he said 70% of workers have a job with someone else, while the remaining 30% are self-employed. Citing predicative studies on how these phenomena will change, Delia predicted a reverse, stating government should address such change. 

“This will change the relationship between state, employees and employers,” the PN leader said. 

The Opposition leader spoke about climate change, insisting that in times like the ones we found ourselves in, nature sends a strong message that not everything is ok. 

"There could be a message that the direction we are heading in, is not the way we should go," he said. 

A statement issued by the PN remembered the 16thyear since Malta’s accession into the EU, praising benefits which the country gained from the membership.

“Malta’s membership into the EU has continued to broaden the country’s horizons,” the statement read.