Extended family should not meet despite relaxed lockdown measures – Public Health Superintendent

Charmaine Gauci says social distancing must continue to be respected, despite government’s easing of measures 

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Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci insisted that despite the easing of restrictive measures by government, people should continue to respect social distancing measures. 

On Sunday, Malta registered nine new cases of COVID-19 as well as 13 recoveries. 

As measures start to ease on Monday, people will be allowed to congregate in groups of four or more. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Gauci had always stressed that people from different households should not meet. 

The public health superintendent had always said that individuals should only have contact with people from the same household and if need be from work. 

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Asked if the advice still holds true in light of new government measures, Gauci said social distancing should remain intact. 

When asked if people can start meeting with their extended families at their private residences, the public health superintendent said no.

“Elderly people are still considered to be vulnerable, and for now contact with people outside your own house should be kept at a minimum,” she said. 

With temperatures starting to rise, Gauci was asked whether health authorities would be issuing any regulation for beach goers. 

“The principle remains the same. People must continue to respect social distancing, while avoiding contact with other people,” she said.

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