Air Malta submits proposals to cabin crew union in bid to ‘safeguard jobs’

Airline slams Union of Cabin Crew’s attitude after it said they had walked away from negotiations

Air Malta have submitted a number of proposals to the cabin crew as part of its commitment towards safeguarding jobs.

The airline proposed a mechanism where the flight duty hours for the full-time equivalent number of crew required for its planned operations, will be split between 188 crew members which the airline would retain on its books.

All 188 are on an indefinite contract.

Remaining cabin crew members with definite contracts will be furloughed, with Air Malta stating it plans to bring back the workers when operational demands cannot be met by indefinite crew members.

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Air Malta also condemned the Union of Cabin Crew’s attitude after it walked away from negotiations.

“The union is discriminating against its own members and wants only to protect its indefinite contract members, whilst imposing that the Airline would not renew the contract of its definite contract crew members,” Air Malta said.

The airline also called for the proposals submitted to be voted on by all its members, “so that it would be in a position to make a definitive decision on a way forward.”

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