[WATCH] PM’s bickering with Fearne risks undoing health authorities’ progress in COVID-19, Delia says

Adrian Delia says Robert Abela ‘most irresponsible and immature Prime Minster the country has ever had’

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has called out Prime Minister Robert Abela over undermining the work done by health minister Chris Fearne.

The PN leader, who was speaking on party television station NET TV, said that the “serious work” done by the PM’s former leadership rival was being risked.

Reacting to Abela’s statements on Sunday morning, where he announced that restaurants and hairdressers will be opening by the end of next week, Delia called him the “most irresponsible and immature Prime Minster the country has ever had”.

“We just got rid of the most corrupt prime minister we ever had, now we have the most unprepared, immature prime minister ever”, Delia said.

He said that great work done by health authorities and Chirs Fearne risks being undone thanks to internal bickering between the two.

The opposition leader also criticized government’s decision to cancel the pre-fabricated hospital tender.

Delia said that part of the deal surrounding the pre-fabricated hospital was the inclusion of 90 ventilators to be brought to Malta, questioning whether the country would still be acquiring the devices.

The easing of restrictions by the PM without having the necessary public health infrastructure was also criticised by the PN leader.

On the economy, Delia said government had no plan, claiming it was just reacting selectively to events.

He said that Malta’s economy should be turned to a knowledge-based hub, which attracted serious investment, unlike the economic model the country has followed so far.

Insisting that the party is in constant contact with businesses owners, he said that small businesses should trust the PN as it is the party listening to their needs.

The PN leader concluded by criticizing government constitutional reform, pointing out that the administration had even ignored President George Vella’s suggestions before submitting constitutional amendments to the Venice Commission.

A set of proposed amendments from the PN’s end will be submitted for public consultation on Monday.

“The constitution is not ‘ours’ or ‘theirs’, its everyone’s, and it should serve to protect people from its own government,” he said.