PD to President: ensure Constitutional reform in the spirit of the Venice Commission

PD leader asks President George Vella to ensure changes to Constitution result from public consultation not imposed by politicians

President George Vella
President George Vella

Partit Demokratiku leader Timothy Alden has written to President George Vella, asking him to ensure that any changes to the Constitution live up to the promises that the Venice Commission Steering Committee made to the people of Malta.

Alden wrote about the ongoing debate regarding the implementation of the recommendations by the Venice Commission, saying that “it is feared that the proposals as currently presented by the government are not living up to expectations, and furthermore, they run contrary to the objectives of the Steering Committee for Constitutional Reform.”

The government has faced criticism for proposing watered-down versions of the recommendations.

On behalf of the PD, Alden asked Vella to, in his capacity as head of the Steering Committee, “ensure that any changes to the Constitution live up to the promises of the Steering Committee made to the people of Malta - that such changes would result from public consultation and would not be imposed by politicians for their convenience.” 

They must be changes that reflect the voice and the will of the Maltese people, Alden said. “Our country has its own experts and academics who have voiced their opinions at length on what needs to be fixed in our constitution. It is clear that they should be leading the way forward at this sensitive time, to avoid partisan bickering and amendments made for the sake of convenience rather than in the best interests of the country.”

Alden said he hoped the President would intercede “to find a solution which does away with political games, and returns the constitution to the people.”



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