[WATCH] Opposition leader hits out against government over its attempt to ‘control the media’

Adrian Delia says Nationalist Party will continue to deliver the truth despite government efforts to silence the media

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has hit out against government over its attempt to “control the media”.

Delia was referring to a wrap-around paid advert on this Sunday’s newspapers, which featured a government explainer on this week’s supplementary budget announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

“The government is desperate to gain more control and wrap up the truth on newspapers,” he said.

The Opposition leader was speaking on party television station NET Television, where he insisted the PN “will not be bought”.

“The Nationalist Party will continue to shout the truth, so that when people buy our newspapers, they understand the truth,” he said.

“It is time we removed government propaganda from our newspapers, so that people read the truth of what is happening in our country.”

Adrian Delia spoke about the party’s restructuring, stating the reform is intended to strengthen the party’s message of solidarity, not change its beliefs.

On Saturday, the PN leader mooted the possibility of changing the PN’s motto from “Religio et Patria” to “Għas-Servizz Tiegħek” (for your service).

“We are a party of truth, which believes in delivering our message honestly and as transparent as possible,” he said.

He explained that throughout numerous meetings, the PN has listened and discussed with everyone, while not shying away from accepting all forms of criticism.

Delia said that at times he became emotional in realizing the love and loyalty some people have towards the party, “even at times when the party abandoned them”.

“We want to reflect this love in our statute, because we want to create a space where people voice their concerns and have a say in the formation of party policy,” he said.

“The individual is what the party is based on.”

On the appointment of the new police commissioner, Delia said the party will not endorse a false process, insisting the commissioner is appointed through a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

The opposition leader said that the new police commissioner will have a one-year probation period, meaning he could be easily dismissed by the PM in that window.

Delia said the PN has drawn up proposals on the appointment of the President, Chief Justice and police commissioner, with such proposals being available on the public domain.

The PN leader also voiced his concern over the PM’s lack of action in removing those linked with corruption.

“Is it because the PM’s hands are tied? Is it because his consultants won’t let him take certain decisions?” he asked.