[WATCH] PN General Council: Party duty bound to stand up to government’s corrupt deals, Delia says

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia says reform will help party in better reflecting the needs and concerns of society in its policies

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has said that the PN has the responsibility of standing up to corruption and illicit deals by government before the damage done is “irreparable”.

“They made corruption the order of the day, and it is our duty to put a stop to it,” Delia said.

The Opposition leader concluded the party general council inaugurating a reform in the party’s statute.

Former party secretary general Louis Galea was tasked with heading the reform by Delia in 2019.

Galea had been given wide-ranging powers to attend any internal meeting as an observer, meet anyone from the party on his own initiative or if requested, and consult with people and groups outside the PN’s structures.

“The party has the obligation in being at the fore front in delivering people’s concerns to parliament, and while we have no divine right in governing, we have to sustain our commitment as a party that voices the concerns of all in society,” Delia said.

The reform, he said, will help in reflecting better the needs of the community, while helping the PN in having renewed structures which aid it in its work.

“We have to step up and clean or country’s politics from the corrupt and illicit deals carried out by government,” he insisted.

Thanking frontliners for their work during the pandemic, Delia said the country is still suffering from another virus – corruption.

“There are still people who think that they can snatch government and take everything for themselves. If I had three hours, I still wouldn’t be able to talk about all the scandals,” he said.

“Joseph Muscat, the supposed brightest mind in politics, wants us to believe that he knew about nothing, while corruption was happening in the corridors of Castille and his office. They are stealing right in front of us and we must stop it.”

Speaking about Konrad Mizzi’s ousting from the parliamentary group, Delia called on government to investigate all deals by him.

“He is finally gone, but what will happen to all the deals he signed?”

Party registering profits – Robert Arrigo

Deputy leader Robert Arrigo said the PN registered a €250,000 profit in 2019, despite the hurdles faced by the party.

He said the profit was registered thanks to the PN’s ‘cedoli’ scheme which had been started in 2016 by Anne Fenech and Alex Perisci Calascione.

Arrigo also said that the party’s media wing, Media Link Communications, has seen its losses register a downward trend.

PN Deputy Leader Robert Arrrigo
PN Deputy Leader Robert Arrrigo

He said three years ago, the PN’s media registered losses of €1.2 million, with such losses expected to get down to €400,000 in 2020. He also said that in the following year, limited to no losses are expected to be recorded.

“Yes, there are debts to be paid, but we have more assets, and as the years pass by, those assets are expected to increase in value, while our debt continues to go down,” Arrigo said.

Speaking on allegations which surfaced this week, regarding the alleged payments made by Yorgen Fenech to Adrian Delia, in a bid to block David Casa’s re-election, Arrigo said the party welcomes all necessary inquiries.

“We welcome all inquiries, so we can show that the party is not corrupt,” he said.

He also said the PN boasts of not receiving sponsors from businessmen, with all donations abiding by the party financing regulation.

Speaking on his announcement that he would be resigning from his post as deputy leader in February, Arrigo said that he felt that it would be unjust to do so in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was not comfortable in leaving and felt a huge responsibility in remaining and helping out the party,” Arrigo said, while recalling messages of courage which were sent to him following his announcement.

The fight against corruption continues – David Casa

MEP David Casa said that he will sustain his fight in seeing that justice is truly achieved for the country’s people.

“We have to see that those stole from us, pay for their actions,” he said.

Casa stated instead of discussing the country’s economic policy, people are discussing the alleged involvement in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia by the office of the prime minister.

“We have to get to the bottom of things, we have to ensure that all the details emerge,” he said.

He also said that having a reform is not enough, and the party has to show that its utmost in cleaning up the country’s political system, after the damage done by the Labour administration.

A party for the common good, not just the handpicked few – Mark Anthony Sammut

General council member Mark Anthony Sammut said that the general council can be the first step towards a glorious future thanks to the statute reform.

Sammut said the PN is a secular party that is open to people from all strata of society, whose main priority is that of the common good.

“This party works towards everyone’s wellbeing, not just the interests of the common few,” he said.

He also mentioned the young people among the party’s ranks, stating they have a wealth of experience, and are ready to contribute further in the party’s work.

“They are not there for some poster backdrop, but to work and contribute,” he said.

He also stated politics in the country has reached a new low, referencing former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s statements earlier this week, in which he denied allegations of having informed Yorgen Fenech about investigations, and had told Chief of Staff Keith Schembri to call him and stop him from leaving.

“So, the person in charge of all the country’s armed forces had to resort to calling alleged criminals and ask them not to leave?” he said.

He concluded by stating the PN still has the potential of taking under its wing those truly angered by corruption, in order to sustain its fight against political dishonesty.