PN youth section calls on Delia to step down: ‘No one is bigger than the party’

MZPN says that Adrian Delia should 'do the right thing and step down' after 19 of the party's parliamentary group voted against him in a vote of confidence, with 11 MPs voting in favour

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia should step as Nationalist Party after losing a vote of confidence in the parliamentary group, the party’s youth section MZPN said this morning.

The heated parliamentary group meeting started a little after 7.30pm on Tuesday and went on into the early hours. It was around 2.30am that Delia held a press conference in which he announced that 19 PN MPs and MEPs had voted against him in the no confidence vote, with 11 votes in favour. Delia insisted he would remain PN leader.

In a post on Facebook, MZPN said that democracy is not optional and that yesterday’s exceptional circumstances merit exceptional action.

“Following comments by Adrian Delia, right after insisting he will ignore the vote of no confidence and return to work with a ‘business as usual’ approach, we have no choice but to insist and call on Delia to do the right thing and step down,” MZPN said.

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“The situation and his position is evidently no longer tenable. The allegations he faces are immense, and he has been caught misleading the media and the party itself on his relationship with the wrong kind of people.”

MZPN said that following this 19-11 vote, ‘business as usual’ was off the table.

“One cannot praise the democratic process when this works in one's favour, and ignore it complety when it is not to one's liking, as seen and experienced yesterday,” it said. “No one is bigger than the party.”

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