[WATCH] Claudio Grech is preferred choice to replace Delia as Opposition leader

Rebel Nationalist Party MPs in wait-and-see game • Chris Said rules out interest in leadership post

Claudio Grech (left) is the favourite to replace Adrian Delia as Opposition leader as Chris Said (right) ruled out interest in the post
Claudio Grech (left) is the favourite to replace Adrian Delia as Opposition leader as Chris Said (right) ruled out interest in the post
Chris Said: No move yet to go to President

Claudio Grech is the preferred choice of rebel MPs to replace Adrian Delia but any change is unlikely to happen immediately, MaltaToday has learnt.

Grech’s name appears to have garnered consensus among the 19 members of the Nationalist Party parliamentary group during a meeting held this afternoon.

However, in comments to journalists outside parliament, Chris Said insisted MPs delivered a message, which he hoped would be taken up.

Sources said rebel MPs were searching for a solution that avoided the prospect of having Delia occupy the role of party leader, while someone else occupying the role of Opposition leader.

However, they did not rule out some form of détente in which Delia would stay on as party leader and Grech occupy the role of Opposition leader with the understanding that he will front the next general election.

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Delia lost the support of MPs in a confidence vote held yesterday but vowed to stay on as party leader.

Adrian Delia: I will remain PN leader

The PN leader turned up in parliament this afternoon and sat at his usual desk. At one point, he was approached by Grech, who tapped Delia on the waist and the two spoke for around 10 minutes.

Sources said Grech was against a rapid move to depose Delia as Opposition leader in a bid to convince him to reach an agreement of sorts.

But in comments to journalists just after leaving parliament, Delia indicated he had no intention of leaving and insisted that he would try and convince MPs to work together.

Meanwhile, Chris Said ruled out any interest in the post of leader, adding that MPs will issue a press statement later today to explain the way forward.

Delia has refused to resign from the party leadership, insisting in the early hours of Wednesday that he will fulfil the mandate given to him by party members to lead the PN until the next general election.

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