Robert Arrigo files police report, alleging PN MP’s hostile takeover bid of media

The PN deputy leader said he filed apolice report following ‘unacceptable’ behaviour by a PN MP, and accusing an MP of ‘sending an email to take over our media’

Nationalist Party deputy leader Robert Arrigo has met the police commissioner and filed a formal complaint on what he described as ‘unacceptable’ behaviour following an alleged attempt by another PN MP to take over the media.

He revealed this in a rambling and oftentimes disjointed statement on Facebook, in which he hit out at the rebel MPs and accused them of forming part of a hostile takeover.

Today, members of the party’s General Council started voting in advance of Saturday’s crucial meeting, in which they will be asked to decide if party members should vote in a vote of confidence on party leader Adrian Delia, or if they should vote in a new leadership election.

Arrigo said that rebels’ hatred for Delia was not enough; he said they were now also targeting him, calling him a liar and calling for him to be sidelined.

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Posted by Robert Arrigo on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

“And now a new scoop, an MP sending an email to take over our media.” He wrote. “These are all part of a hostile takeover. Confusion already arose on the possible variables, adding to an internal struggle within PN 16.”

Arrigo called on party faithful to stand up to the rebel group. “They already took over,” he wrote. “Please do not let them take over by inheritance or bestowing. The party belongs to all.”

He also wondered what was causing the rebels to act in this manner and whether the reason behind their hatred of Delia and their attempt at a takeover was a secret stash of gold hidden in some basement unknown to him.

Arrigo said that he had been faithful to four different party leaders, after taking an oath to be ‘loyal and faithful’. He never harboured any hatred or hidden agendas, he said.

“I had to act. I thus went to the commissioner of police to report what I deem as unacceptable. A formal report lodged,” he said. “Why is this situation? Why this takeover bid? I am eager to see what their next move is.”

Arrigo said he wished to see the party stay as is and go for a general election with no change.

“Any alternative is just smoke,” he said. “Please keep the party as is, and not as anybody's fiefdom.”