UĦM wants public service workers to resume telework as COVID-19 cases rise

Union writes to head of civil service to resume telework for public service employees concerned about rise in COVID-19 cases

UĦM CEO Josef Vella
UĦM CEO Josef Vella

The Union Ħaddiema Maghqudin has called on the government’s head of the civil service to allow all workers in the public service to carry out telework if they so request, in the face of rising COVID-19 cases.

“We are concerned by the number of positive COVID-19 cases… these numbers are causing anxiety to many workers,” UĦM chief executive officer Josef Vella said.

Vella said the government should consider telework so as to reduce face-to-face contact and reduce congested workplaces.

For those who cannot telework, the UĦM called for a risk assessment that ensures distances of two metres are respected, good ventilation on site, cleaning is carried out, provision of sanitisers, Perspex screens to protect the public, guidelines for handling documents and posting, disinfection of workplaces, and 15-day gaps for workers returning from travel.

“UĦM is still of the opinion that vulnerable workers such as pregnant women, people with diabetes and people with immune system problems, should not be exposed until a solution to the COVID-19 impasse is found,” Vella said.

“We’re asking for common sense and for timely decisions that safeguard citizens’ health and safety.”

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