Proposed ferry service does not address needs of Gozitans, Gozo Business Chamber says

The Gozo Business Chamber has called on the government to review its decision to drop the fast ferry option to connect Malta and Gozo

The government proposal for the Malta-Gozo ferry does not address the needs of Goztians, the Gozo Business Chamber said as it reiterated the importance of a fast ferry service.

The chamber said the proposed conventional ferry service that will stop at multiple locations was not a plausible alternative to a fast ferry link between Mġarr and Valletta. 

To this end, the chamber called on the government to review its decision on the fast ferry service between the two islands.

“This was a service which was already offered in the past but which had been terminated. The fast ferry service would ensure further connectivity and peace of mind to both commuters and other persons travelling between the two islands. A conventional ferry service would not address these needs,” the chamber said.

On Tuesday Gozitan students claimed that a government proposal for a new ferry service between multiple points around Malta and Gozo would come at the expense of a fast ferry link.

However, regulator Transport Malta justified the policy decision to drop the fast ferry option, insisting that research backed the choice of extended routes from Valletta, including one that links both islands.

The chamber said a permanent link between Gozo and Malta remained the best option, highlighting that Gozo should be connected through all the best options possible.

The chamber said that the fast ferry was part of the electoral manifesto of the present government in 2017, whereby it was highlighted that with the introduction of this service people would travel between Gozo and the Grand Harbour in Valletta in less than 45 minutes.

“The target of this service was to offer a more comfortable service between the two islands for those who travel frequently between Gozo and Valletta while reducing traffic significantly between the two islands,” the manifeso read.

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