Sliema double-murder: Police hunt for three men who shot dead couple at home

Police verifying whether items of value were removed from the house in hold-up that ended with double murder of Sliema couple

Dr Christian Pandolfino
Dr Christian Pandolfino

Police are verifying whether a home invasion on the Sliema home of the wealthy art collector Christian Pandolfino, 59, resulted in the theft of valuable items.

Pandolfino, a medical professional who acquired his wealth as an investor in London, was known to have accumulated a cache of gold chains which he wore publicly.

Scene of the crime: 22, Locker Street Sliema
Scene of the crime: 22, Locker Street Sliema

Pandolfino was shot dead in his home at 22, Locker Street, Sliema at around 10:23pm. He had left his residence earlier on at 7pm.

His long-time partner Ivor Maciejowski, a Russian national, was also shot dead.

Police say CCTV footage shows three men entering the residence soon after Pandolfino entered his home late at night. He is believed to have been shot on the ground floor of his home; Maciejowski, also a contemporary art collector, was shot dead on the top floor of the residence.

After, the three men fled the scene in a white getaway car, which drove up towards Locker Street. The car could have either sped down to the Sliema seafront or else turned towards Tower Road.

Investigations are ongoing to find the make of the car. An appeal was lodged with the public as to any information anyone might have on the events of Tuesday night.

An autopsy has yet to be finalised.

One News have reported that CCTV footage could have captured three men running out of the house with a “big bag” in hand, and then entering a white getaway car before fleeing the scene.

Friends of Pandolfino described the wealthy investor and art collector as a generous man who was always ready to help out friends in need.