Police hail August as successful month for Major Crime Unit investigations

Major Crimes Unit successfully concludes number of investigations throughout the month of August

The Major Crimes Unit with the Police Force successfully solved a number of investigations during August, a statement read.

Hailing the month as a success, the police said that a number of investigations initiated during August as well as the months prior, were successfully closed.

"People tied to two homicides were charged in court - one homicide on 7 August in Ghaxaq and another homicide on 18 August in Sliema. A person tied to the Sliema homicide is currently detained by the Spanish authorities after escaping the country,” the statement read.

The MCU also managed to solve a number of thefts from shops and residences across the island.

“The success of these investigations is the fruit of long hours of work,” Assistant Commissioner Sandro Gatt said.