Anthea Zammit: ‘I conquered my insecurities. Don’t let anyone get you down’

Miss Universe Malta and law student Anthea Zammit is both candid and bold about life and social issues

Stunner: Haz-Zebbug law student Anthea Zammit has been crowned Miss Universe Malta
Stunner: Haz-Zebbug law student Anthea Zammit has been crowned Miss Universe Malta

Written by Maria Christina De Carlo

Two years ago, Anthea Zammit endured the trauma of a psychological abuse in which she felt undervalued. Behind what many felt was a dazzling presence on stage, her charming smile hid a harrowing emotional experience. “I was made to believe that I was just not good enough. People said negative things just to bring me down. I had a very traumatic experience,” Zammit, 26, says.

“I took part in Miss Universe Malta to conquer my insecurities. It is already a victory for me to have found myself and I did not let anyone bring me down,” the young law student says today, in a message of courage following her crowning as Miss Universe Malta.

“For all those people who have low self-esteem or psychological issues my message is: speak up as soon as possible. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong about speaking to a professional, a person who can guide you through to bring out a better version of yourself.”

Zammit now will go on to represent Malta in the United States alongside 96 contestants representing different countries in the Miss Universe contest.

The professional dance teacher, who teaches children at San Anton School, is still getting terms with her recent victory at the Malta contest for Miss Universe. “The most important lesson I have learnt is the impossible is truly possible once you set your mind to something, once you work hard for it.”

Encouraged by her family and friends to try modelling, Zammit was ushered into this world of glamour through the experience of Sue Rossi and Claudia Calleja at Modelle International, when she took part in her first beauty competition. Later she made a bid for Miss World, where in 2016 she placed first to represent Malta in the international Miss World contest, and in 2017, for Miss Supranational.

This year, representing her hometown Zebbug, Zammit managed to attract the attention of the judges with her dazzling smile, poise and true confidence. A yellow evening gown suited her well, complimenting her slim physique and skin complexion, apart from her natural curly hair which suited her face shape, to the makeup she wears on a daily basis, bringing out her stunning features and the colour of her eyes.

“I am today a different Anthea. I feel grown-up having been through certain experiences that made me more mature. You gain confidence by respecting yourself for who you are, knowing and accepting your strengths and flaws.”

Now in her third year of law, Zammit says her career plans have helped her beliefs become stronger. Her knowledge of human rights in particular, inspires her to want to help others. “What bothers me in Malta is the fact that many jump to conclusions, and we are forgetting how important equality is, the right to live. We jump to conclusions on illegal immigrants arriving to our country in these unfortunate situations. We need to remember that as Maltese citizens we are not the only ones battling COVID-19 – it is a worldwide pandemic and the people running away from dangerous situations in their own countries, must find safety on other shores.

“They should be given a second chance, irrelevant of our situation... It is the only way that we can continue to share love, peace and equality between us. We need to respect each other and everyone to have peace within ourselves.”

Zammit still looks forward to one day opening her own dance school and having a family.

“Without the support of the people close to me and the experience I have gained, I don’t think I would be where I am today. A special mention goes out to the people who believed in me all the way through. I want to thank my family and friends for their support. They believed in me more than I believed in myself. I promise to do my utmost to make Malta proud at the Miss Universe contest.”