Gozo Channel pleads for government cash injection as Cabinet meets in Gozo

Robert Abela’s administration holds its first Cabinet meeting in Gozo

Prime Minister Robert Abela giving his introductory remarks at a Cabinet meeting in Gozo
Prime Minister Robert Abela giving his introductory remarks at a Cabinet meeting in Gozo

Gozo Channels requires a cash injection from the government to make up for losses caused by COVID-19 restrictions, ministers were told.

Gozo Channel chairperson Joe Cordina voiced his concerns over the ferry service and the effects of COVID-19 on the company during a Cabinet meeting held in Gozo.

He said that health regulations limiting the number of passengers on the ferry meant that the company’s ships were working at less than full capacity.

“We need a good injection from the side of shareholders,” he pleaded, further urging the government to take a quick decision over the future of the fourth ferry, which is currently leased for a definite period from a Greek company.

Cordina was one of several Gozitan stakeholders who addressed ministers during the first Cabinet meeting held in Gozo by Prime Minister Robert Abela’s administration.

Journalists were allowed in for the introductory remarks. Discussions focussed on tourism, economic growth and the environment.

Proposals were put forward by various stakeholders, including the newly-formed Gozo Regional Development Authority and the Gozo Business Chamber.

Abela boasted of decreasing inequality between Malta and Gozo under his administration, along with more Gozitans working in the private sector.

Michael Grech, chairman of the Gozo Regional Development Authority, expressed to the Cabinet that full collaboration between different ministries and the authority is critical, especially in relation to projects taking place in Gozo.

In his closing remarks, the Prime Minister reiterated that Gozo will remain a priority in this government's policies. “This will be the first Cabinet of this administration here in Gozo, and will not be the last,” he said.