Robert Arrigo to step down as PN treasurer, stay on as deputy leader

PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo says he has been the target of countless attacks both in person and through messaging

Nationalist Party deputy leader for party affairs Robert Arrigo will be resigning from his post as treasurer, he announced on Tuesday.

The announcement was made on Tuesday during a programme on PN radio broadcaster NET FM.

Speaking to MaltaToday, Arrigo said the reason for his resignation was down to the “countless attacks” he has received since leader Adrian Delia lost a confidence vote filed by rebel MPs back in June.

“I have been the constant target of attacks and insults both in person as well as in countless SMSs, Facebook messages and anonymous letters,” he said.

Speaking about his time at the helm of party finances, Arrigo said that he felt things were taking a turn for the better.

“I took up the role myself because we couldn’t find anyone suitable to take the responsibility, and I think everyone will agree that up until June 2020 I had carried out my duties successfully,” he said.

He did however hint that things got worse following Delia’s confidence vote loss in June.

“Since June, all the work we did went haywire,” he said.

Arrigo said that in an email to executive committee president Alex Perisci Calascione, he has told the committee to appoint another treasurer.

He expects another treasurer to be appointed by the next executive meeting, and will serve in the role until then.

Arrigo took over from Antoine Zammit in September 2019, after a video was broadcast of him complaining to an IPTV supplier over barred access to adult channels.

The video depicted Zammit in what appears to be a workshop, using an IPTV box to show the supplier how access to porn channels was blocked.

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