[WATCH] Keith Schembri arrest: Angelo Gafà says law prohibits police from divulging sensitive information

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà confirms four people were arrested and released on bail in relation to the investigation on alleged passport kickbacks

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà

All four people arrested in the night between Monday and Tuesday are out on police bail, police commissioner Angelo Gafà said on Friday.

The commissioner was asked for an update on the arrests and subsequent interrogation into allegations on former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri.

Keith Schembri, Brian Tonna, Karl Cini and Manuel Castagna were arrested in connection with bribery and money laundering allegations.

Schembri was arrested at around 1am at his Mellieħa home on Tuesday, and spent around 20 hours at the police headquarters.

Gafà was quick to point out to the media that the law precludes him from shedding details on ongoing investigations.

He also said police would be giving an update at the opportune moment so as to not breach any laws.

The police commissioner did however say that when a suspect is given police bail, it means that more investigations into the case are required.

“Police bail is given for a maximum of three months, and can be extended if need be,” the commissioner said.

Gafà also confirmed Schembri was arrested on allegations of corruption and money laundering.

The arrests came after the Attroney General instructed the courts to impose a freezing order on all of Schembri’s assets, including those of his immediate family and companies.

The freezing order also effects Nexia BT’s Brian Tonna and all business partners linked to Tonna and Schembri.

Brian Tonna has also had his golden passport license suspended, with the Stock Exchange launching an investigation into the case.

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