Budget will be proof of Labour's commitment to social justice, Abela says

The PM was asked whether the Labour party can guarantee the protection of workers and the poor during a Labour Party gathering

Robert Abela at a Labour Party activity in Balzan - Photo courtesy of the Labour Party
Robert Abela at a Labour Party activity in Balzan - Photo courtesy of the Labour Party

One of the main themes in this year's budget will be the protection of those less fortunate in society, PM Robert Abela says. 

During a Labour Party gathering, Abela assured that the Labour party remains close to workers and those living in poverty, with this year's Budget bearing testament to this.

“While we work with businesses, we see that the wealth created at the top is enjoyed by those at the bottom too,” Abela assured. 

His comments were a response to a question from one of the attendees, who asked the Prime Minister whether the party will continue to advocate for social justice issues.

Abela later touched on government finances, praising the government for negotiating a generous financial package in Brussels as part of the EU COVID-19 budget deal. He further confirmed that the wage supplement scheme will be in place for as long as necessary.

"Employment will grow, foreign investment will continue to come into our country, more infrastructure projects will be carried out, I will give reassurance to all workers in our country that their livelihood will remain guaranteed, that quality of life will remain guaranteed so that you will have more money in your hands," Abela assured.

Airports to remain open, no national health emergency needed

On the topic of COVID-19, the Prime Minister confirmed that there are no plans to close the airports, insisting instead on safer procedures to protect travellers.

"In the coming days we will increase testing, we’ll have a system of rapid testing, and we will see that those travelling from countries that are more at risk are obliged by law to have a negative test with them up to 48 hours before travelling," he said.

Abela brushed off worries over a national health emergency in order to avoid unnecessary panic. He instead called for a pragmatic response and increased enforcement in order to avoid a lockdown.

PL deputy leader Daniel Micallef mentioned that the party is holding ongoing meetings with various stakeholders in order to keep the party relevant. Speaking about workplace accidents, Micallef said that every worker ought to be protected on the job, and he expressed his condolences to the families of workers who died in workplace accidents.

Labour party president Ramona Attard also gave a short speech during the activity, emphasising topics relating to education, reproductive issues, and women's economic independence. She stressed the importance of having both parents caring for the child, saying that it is more often than not the woman who gives up her career to help in raising a child.