President calls on people to safeguard their health in COVID-19 message

In a message to the nation, President George Vella appeals for people to safeguard their mental wellbeing, while abiding by regulation issued by health authorities

President George Vella has called on people to safe guard their mental wellbeing during a time of concern and anxiety.

The President said in a statement that he has been following development on COVID-19, and is keeping tabs on the pandemic’s impact on people’s physical and mental health, as well as its toll on the economy.

Vella stated that while it is good to constructively criticise shortcoming surrounding the pandemic, nothing should hinder a collective effort in battling the virus.

He said that everyone should be towing the same rope and cooperating fully with the authorities.

The President said that he is aware of the sacrifices being made by people in abiding by health regulation, those who are leading the fight against the virus and of those looking after victims.

Vella also expressed his appreciation at the work done by carers in elderly homes, teachers and educators as well as those coming face-to-face with the virus.

Noting the change in regulation surrounding the burial of COVID-19 victims, Vella said that this should help family members to mourn. He also expressed solidarity with the victims’ relatives.  

The President called on people to renew their commitment in battling the threat that is COVID-19, stating that this difficult time will soon be over, as the arrival of the vaccine is expected soon.

Vella concluded by voicing his hope that those leading the country strike a good balance between safeguarding people’s health and ensuring the economy’s survival.

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