Authorities discussing COVID measures for Gozo carnival weekend, minister says

The Nadur council already announced that it will be cancelling all carnival festivities this year, but many are still planning on heading to Gozo for the weekend

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri confirmed that discussions are currently underway with various authorities to ensure a "controlled situation" in Gozo during the Carnival weekend next month. 

Responding to parliamentary questions, he remarked that Carnival and COVID-19 should not be used as an excuse to close off Gozo from Malta, and that everyone has a responsibility to follow all health guidelines published by health authorities.

Camilleri stated that if a family chooses to rent a farmhouse for the Carnival weekend, the farmhouse owner has every right to do as they're licensed to do and rent it out, but he emphasised the need to maintain social bubbles and adhere to the maximum number of people a farmhouse can hold vis-a-vis health guidelines.

PN MP Kevin Cutajar, a Gozitan himself, had asked the minister to clarify whether any concrete measures have been organised in preparation to the Carnival period in Gozo - Camilleri reiterated that discussions are ongoing. 

Maria Deguara, active ageing spokesperson for the Nationalist Party, pointed out that it is younger people, not families, who are expected to travel to Gozo during the Carnival weekend, and are unlikely to travel in social bubbles. She added that it is also younger people who are least scared of contracting the virus.

Camilleri argued against this, saying that younger people are fully aware of the risks surrounding COVID-19. He continued to say that while people need to follow health guidelines on an individual level, government will be doing their part to ensure that any measures taken are thoroughly enforced.

Gozo is a popular destination for many Maltese during the Carnival period, most especially for the spontaneous Nadur Carnival festivities. However last week the Nadur council announced that it will be cancelling all carnival activities in the locality, and warned that any gathers will be reported to the police. 

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