‘We want to exit pandemic so that we can go for an election,’ Bernard Grech says

PN leader Bernard Grech says sacrifices now necessary for country to exit the pandemic as soon as possible • Pledges Gozitan public sector workers in Malta will be given two days telework

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech addressing supporters in Victoria (Photo: PN)
Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech addressing supporters in Victoria (Photo: PN)

Bernard Grech has suggested the Nationalist Party is ready to face a general election the moment Malta exits the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing party supporters in Victoria, an upbeat Grech urged people to do sacrifices now and lambasted government for failing to provide adequate resources for efficient contact tracing.

“We want to exit the pandemic as soon as possible so that we can go for an election and give people the chance to choose a better future,” Grech said towards the end of his speech.

“We want people to start meeting again, attend parties, go to the disco, sit side by side, embrace each other… Let us do the sacrifices today so that we can beat this pandemic,” Grech said as he hit out at the Prime Minister for ignoring warnings that the contact tracing system had collapsed.

The number of new coronavirus cases in Malta has remained relatively high since after the Christmas holidays surge. 

“We ask the government not to take people for a ride. Stop taking people for a ride,” Grech said.

The PN leader said the Opposition was in favour of decriminalising cannabis for personal use in a responsible way and called for more education.

Nadur land registrations

He also addressed the problem faced by scores of Nadur residents, who were suddenly dispossessed of their houses and land last year after a medieval private foundation registered the lands in its name.

Grech once again took aim at Robert Abela, who last year had even visited Nadur residents when the news emerged, and criticised him for failing to do anything about the situation.

To applause, Grech pledged that a new PN government would investigate the registration of lands by the private foundation and annul it if “any whiff of corruption or wrongdoing” is found.

He reiterated the PN’s pledge to grant Gozo regional autonomy. He pledged that one of the first decisions of a Nationalist administration would be to oblige public entities and departments to offer at least two days of teleworking to Gozitan employees who work in Malta.

The PN leader said more and more people, investors and experts were coming forward to meet the party as he urged supporters to spread the message.

“Every time the crowds in the squares where we are meeting people are growing… We need you all so that together we can turn a new page in this country,” Grech said.