PBS newscaster Keith Demicoli resigns to take up Chamber of Commerce role

Keith Demicoli to take on communications and business development role at Chamber of Commerce  

Keith Demicoli
Keith Demicoli

Journalist and newscaster Keith Demicoli has resigned from his post with the national broadcaster.  

Speaking to MaltaToday, Demicoli said he filed his resignation to TVM’s Board of Directors on Wednesday.  

Asked why he has decided to stepdown from his post, Demicoli said the decision was not politically influenced.  

“I have been at TVM since 2008, and I think now is the best time to do something different,” he said.  

He said that despite occupying the role for 13 years, he has not progressed much in the industry, and the opportunity will help him in professional and personal growth.  

The veteran broadcaster will be working with the Chamber of Commerce, and will be focused on communications, continuity and business development.  

“I consider myself a people’s person, and this job will allow me to continue working with different people from all sections of society,” Demicoli said.  

He will be starting at his new role come next May, and will be working his notice for the next three months.  

Reacting to the resignation, veteran presenter Peppi Azzopardi, who saw his Friday night show ‘Xarabank’ not being renewed after 23 years last year, said the national broadcaster has lost one of its most credible journalists.  

“It is a pity that PBS had to lose Keith Demicoli, one of the most credible journalists we ever had in the country,” Azzopardi said.