Parents affected by school closures to receive financial help under new government scheme

The Parent Benefit Scheme will serve as a financial aid for parents forced to stay home due to the closure of schools announced by government last week  

Government has once again issued the parent benefit scheme for parents affected by the closure of schools due to COVID-19.  

The scheme will be available for parents of children younger than 16-years-old, and will run from 15 March to 11 April. The scheme can be extended if the COVID-19 situation persists.  

Parents who work in the private sector, but not with a private company, and parents who work in essential services with the government can apply for the scheme.  

The parents who can apply for the benefit must work full-time or part-time, cannot use tele-work and cannot leave their house to take care of their children due to school closures. Parents whose employer is not receiving the wage supplement can also apply.  

The scheme will cost around €2.8 million and around 4,500 people are expected to apply.  

Parents who are in fulltime employment and are eligible for the scheme will receive €166.15 every week.  

Parents who work in parttime employment are will receive a weekly sum of €103.85. 

The payment will be received through direct credit.  

Parents who receive In-Work Benefit and have Tapering of Benefits will continue to do so.  

The application for the benefits can be found on and