[WATCH] ‘The country must rise again,’ Bernard Grech says in Easter address

The Opposition leader Bernard Grech says Malta deserves a political vision which caters for the many not the select few 

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech
Opposition Leader Bernard Grech

The Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said the country will rise again and rid itself of the select few who have taken over for their own personal interest. 

Grech addressed the nation in an Easter morning message on the party’s television and radio stations and the Nationalist Party’s Facebook page. 

“I want that we all wake up from this period in time where we are always reading about new disturbing details which continue to tarnish the country’s reputation,” he said. 

The Nationalist leader said the country deserves a new political vision, “for a better Malta”, which truly caters for everyone’s needs. 

He said the country must truly respect the environment, while ensuring the sustainability of its economic goals. “We have to be that force for positive change, which wakes this country up from the political narrative it has found itself in.” 

Grech said that for the country to succeed, the different sectors of society must come together to see Malta moving forward. 

“We have to take our country back from the few and give it back to the industrious, the hardworking, those who sacrifice, those who invest diligently,” Grech said. 

The PN leader said he wants a country that is proud of its achievements and its past, while confident about its future. “I want to see a country with values, which helps its neighbours and those in need,” he said. 

The Nationalist leader said the upcoming generation of young people must find a supporting environment to grow, no matter their decision on whether to continue pursuing their studies or not. 

“We want a country which other speak about positively, which investors look at to grow their investments,” he said. 

In his address, he also looked forward to life after the pandemic where people return to normality after a year of living under the shadow of COVID-19. 

“Under normal circumstances, the country’s squares would be filled to the brim with families and individuals celebrating with each other,” Grech said. “But we cannot do this today, because we made the sacrifice of staying inside to curb the pandemic which we had lost control of.”