Labour MPs request investigation into standards in public life parliamentary committee leak

Labour MPs Glen Bedingfield and Edward Zammit Lewis call on Speaker Anglu Farrugia to investigate leaks after standards in public life report on minister Carmelo Abela was disclosed to the press  

The Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and government whip Glen Bedingfield have requested the Speaker of the House Anglu Farrugia to investigate leaks from the standards in public life parliamentary committee.  

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Labour Party said that once again a confidential report by the Standards Commissioner George Hyzler.  

The statement was referring to a Newsbook article published on Thursday morning, which said that a report compiled by Hyzler found that minister Carmelo Abela broke ethical standards when paying for an advert using public funds.  

Minsiter Carmelo Abela's advert Source: Newsbook
Minsiter Carmelo Abela's advert Source: Newsbook

The report was compiled following a complaint by civil society group Repubblika last October, after a full-page advert in newspapers was paid for using public funds.  

The advert consisted of a number of facts on government’s work during the pandemic, and a photo of the minister himself.  

The standards in public life committee is expected to discuss the report on Friday morning.  

“The journalist has every right to seek information. It is those who are in the possession of the report and ignored committee regulation who are in the wrong,” the letter read.  

The PL statement also said the leak is a “clear attack” on the parliamentary process.