[WATCH] Now's the time for tough decisions - Bernard Grech on poll results

Survey results published by MaltaToday show that the PN is failing to attract new voters, even if the gap between the PN and PL is decreasing

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Posted by Bernard Grech on Monday, April 12, 2021

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said that he will be taking tough decisions to revamp the Nationalist Party and provide an alternative government, after new survey results show voters opting for the Labour Party over the Nationalist Party.

During a brief intervention on his party's TV station, Grech said that the survey results are encouraging, and that the Nationalist Party has made huge improvements by bringing the PN-PL gap down by almost half.

"First we made sure to lower the gap, organise the party, and make it younger by proposing a number of young people and women to front the Nationalist Party through their candidature - but now's the time to take decisions that could at times be unpopular," he said.

"Have we arrived? No, we haven't - but it's clear that the electorate is sending a message that it wants to look at the PN, that it is happy with the changes so far in hte PN, but also that other decisions need to be taken."

Grech said he will be taking these decisions "without fear or favour" so that the Nationalist Party can become the natural choice for an alternative government.

Roselyn Borg Knight, the PN's international secretary, has been less forgiving of the survey results. Earlier on Monday she opened up to MaltaToday, describing the Nationalist Party as a "broken record" that is failing to attract younger voters.

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