Labour whip slams standards czar: Reports are issued strategically to hurt government

Labour whip Glenn Bedingfield says standards commissioner George Hyzler is failing to investigate government MPs objectively

Government whip Glenn Bedingfield
Government whip Glenn Bedingfield

Labour whip Glenn Bedingfield has slammed George Hyzler for failing to abide by the standards “he demands” from government.

“He wants standards for others, but not for himself,” he said.

George Hyzler, a former Nationalist MP and junior minister, was made standards czar after he was proposed for the post by then PN leader Adrian Delia. He was also accepted by the Labour parliamentary group.

Speaking in parliament, Bedingfield insisted Hyzler has failed to investigate complaints on government MPs impartially, claiming his allegiances still lie with the PN.

“Even reports are issued strategically to hurt government,” he said.  

He also said that Parliamentary Questions to the Speaker on his office, asked on the 24 February, have yet to be answered.

“And I know why. It’s because five of his six staff members, were handpicked through direct orders, and without a public call,” he said. “People need to know how much his advisors are being paid.”

Bedingfield also claimed that the standards czar’s personal driver is pocketing a Scale 9 government salary, the same scale as entry level doctors, teachers and auditors.

“Imagine if we employed our drivers with a Scale 9 salary what would happen,” he said. “How did he come to a conclusion that a driver should be paid that salary?”

He also said Hyzler has handpicked individuals who also worked in his office when he was junior minister under a Nationalist administration.

“On what merit were these individuals employed?” Bedingfield said

The Labour whip said that legislation on the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life should be amended so as to not allow former MPs to occupy the position.

“This is not an attack on the institution, this is a criticism of the person occupying the role,” he said. “His heart is still in politics.”