Tourists coming to Malta for diving activities to get €100 voucher

Minister Clayton Bartolo announces recovery schemes aimed at attracting tourists as part of the country’s economic recovery plan

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File Photo

Tourists coming to Malta for diving activities will be granted a €100 voucher, the tourism ministry Clayton Bartolo announced on Friday.

Organisers of sport events will also be gifted €100 for every foreign participant.

The vouchers are part of two new schemes aimed at attracting niche tourists to the country, as part of government recovery plan for the industry.

The voucher scheme aimed at divers has been allocated a budget of €750,000, with travellers applying with the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).

Vouchers will be dispensed via email, and can be spent at establishments listed on the MTA website.

Bartolo said the scheme will indirectly generate €12 million in economic activity.

The scheme for sport event organisers has been allocated a budget of €1.5 million, and will open on 1 June.

The tourism minister insisted on a cautious approach to the relaxation of measures, stating it was not time to lose control.

“Our country cannot halt a gradual reopening, the country’s future depends on it,” he said.