PN attempt at unity with social media rules challenged by Delia-Azzopardi spat

The party's executive committee will convene at 7pm tonight to discuss a potential breach of these social media guidelines

Jason Azzopardi (left) and Adrian Delia (right)
Jason Azzopardi (left) and Adrian Delia (right)

In a bid to maintain party unity, Nationalist Party officials were ordered to avoid passing critical or disparaging comments on social media against party MPs or candidates.

However, this show of party unity is being put to the test after a recent online spat between MPs Jason Azzopardi and Adrin Delia.

According to guidelines circulated last March, officials were told that the Nationalist Party message needs to be a coordinated effort among all officials. 

"This means that in spite of any provocations that can be made against us by those who want to do harm to the party, we must never pass comments that are, or could be viewed to be, critical on, or worse than this disparaging against MPs or candidates." the guidelines read.

"This principle applies also to posts that are posted by us or in our name on social media, as well as to likes and shares on posts that are published from other persons."

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech convened a meeting of the PN’s executive committee this evening to discuss whether the media spat constitutes a breach of the party’s social media rules.

This social media argument was spurred by a Facebook post penned by Azzopardi, announcing that he won €1,000 in damages from Vincent Borg, aka Ċensu l-Iswed, over a claim the latter made on social media about the MP, a longtime opponent of Delia’s leadership.

“I know he was used, fooled and manipulated to throw mud at me,” Azzopardi said on his Facebook wall, insinuating that it was Delia who tried to "throw mud" at him.

No sooner had Azzopardi announced his victory that MP Adrian Delia hit out at him, challenging him to sue him for libel over a series of statements.

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