ADPD says cannabis should be purchased legally

Green Party says it’s useless for enforcement authorities to continue wasting time on cannabis users

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Cannabis and seeds should be purchased legally under reasonable controls from specially licensed outlets, ADPD said.

“Regulating cannabis, which is different from other substances, makes more sense than panic and control over thousands of people who use this substance,” the party said.

The party was reacting to the White Paper on responsible cannabis use published by government.

The party said that research has shown policies on drugs should be separate from the criminal justice system, and based on a social and medical model.

“Research shows that scare tactics and heavy-handed law enforcement on users are actually counter-productive. Research also shows that it is the war against drug users, with a heavy-handed one-size fits all attitude, that has totally failed and ruined people’s lives,” it said.

ADPD said addicts were holding back from seeking help out of fear they could be penalised as a result of the hardline approach to drugs.

"It is accessible services in the community that are the most important thing in helping people with issues, along with a better quality of life for all, a better environment and public facilities for sport and recreation. The culture of fear leads us nowhere," the party said.

The ADPD also agreed people should be allowed to cultivate cannabis inside their own home, with “sharing” between adults not considered a criminal act.

"Models such as non-profit cooperatives in Spain should also be considered. Cannabis social clubs are a type of cannabis growers association for adults. This possibility could also be an option for those who do not have the opportunity to grow their cannabis at home, both due to lack of space and concerns about minors' access to cannabis. Without this possibility, a large number of people could still end up either resorting to the illegal market or being criminalised," ADPD said.

The ADPD said it is useless for authorities to continue wasting time and resources on cannabis users.

"It makes more sense to use police resources to traffickers of dangerous drugs. Studies show that cannabis use does not increase criminal and violent acts, and that it is in fact arrests because of cannabis, which increase social problems," the party said.

The regulation of the cannabis market, and the decriminalisation of the substance require a change in mindset, the ADPD said.

"Not every person is the same, not every person has the same experiences. That is why we believe, that together with holistic policies that improve people's quality of life, drug decriminalisation, cannabis regulation, and strengthening social and community services are the way forward."

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