Nationalist Party will not back decriminalisation of abortion bill

The PN can never be in favour of decriminalising abortion, Bernard Grech said on Wednesday

The Nationalist Party has come out in strong opposition against the decriminalisation of abortion, hours after independent MP Marlene Farrugia tabled a bill on the topic in parliament.

According to a party statement published on Wednesday, the Nationalist Party "can never be in favour of decriminalising abortion", and said that it would support measures that do not endanger the life of a child before or after birth.

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista jemmen bl-aktar mod assolut fil-ħajja mill-konċepiment sal-mewt u għalhekk ma jista' qatt ikun...

Posted by Bernard Grech on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"The Nationalist Party believes in the most absolute way in life from conception to death, and therefore can never be in favor of decriminalizing abortion. The PN is in favor of taking the necessary measures in favor of everyone's sexual health without endangering the life of the child both before and after birth."

The private members' bill put forward by Farrugia proposes the removal of two clauses that criminalise getting an abortion or helping someone to carry out an abortion.

As things stand, abortion is a crime that carries up to three years' imprisonment in Malta.