COVID-19: Authorities fine over 720 people for not wearing a mask

Enforcement authorities fine 939 people for coronavirus regulation breaches

File Photo
File Photo

Authorities issued 724 fines to people not wearing a mask over the last week.

A total of 939 fines were issued.

The information was published on government administered Facebook page COVID-19 Malta.

128 people were found to be congregating in groups larger than four.

65 fines were also issued to people who broke household regulation, while 9 people broke quarantine rules.

11 establishments were also fined for breaking COVID-19 regulation. Two fines were issued for the organisation of mass events.

Health Minister Chris Fearne announced on Monday that Malta reached its herd immunity targets, after 70% of the eligible population received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Monday Malta registered just two new coronavirus infections, with active cases dropping down to 72.

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