Israel and 40 US states and territories added to amber list

For the first time since March 2020, Israel and 40 US states and territories have been added to Malta's amber list 

Israel, along with 40 US states territories, have been added to Malta’s amber list, the health authorities have announced.

This means travellers will not have to quarantine upon returning to the island. However, they must present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours from arrival on the island or if Maltese, provide a vaccine certificate.

The decision will come into effect from 17 June. 

This is the first time that Israel and certain states and territories from the US have been put on the amber list since its creation.

The 40 US states and territories are: Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, Arizona, West Virginia, Colorado, North Dakota, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, North  Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, South  Carolina, New  Mexico, Florida, Virginia, Maine, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Delaware, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New  Jersey,  Minnesota,  Connecticut, Alaska, New  Hampshire, Maryland, New  York, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Vermont, California.

The health authorities said persons who have a vaccination certificate that is recognised and approved by the superintendent of public health might also travel to and from Malta from any country listed below:

Belarus, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bhutan, Fiji, Jamaica, Georgia, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Vietnam, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Panama, Qatar, Cuba, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.

Travel is not permitted from countries not on the amber list unless travellers have spent at least 14 days in an amber list country before arriving on the island. 

The expectation to this is for Maltese nationals who have written permission from the superintendence of public health.