Legal notice on travel published, people without a vaccine certificate will need to quarantine

Government position on travel restrictions amended

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Government has published the legal notice on travelling to Malta, which will come into force on Wednesday.

The government position has been amended, with Health Minister Chris Fearne originally stating that only people with a recognised vaccine certificate will be allowed to travel to Malta.

Children aged between 5 and 12 will need to present a negative PCR test. Children under 5 will be exempt from this obligation.

Children travelling to the country will need to be accompanied by an adult in possession of a recognised vaccination certificate.

The new rules also clarify that unvaccinated travellers arriving from amber listed countries, which includes the EU, must submit themselves to quarantine. The amber list includes the United Kingdom and EU countries.

Persons who cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons and persons between the ages of five to eleven years, both ages included, shall not be required to be in possession of a vaccination certificate upon their arrival in Malta from any of the countries listed, so long as upon their arrival in Malta they are in possession of a negative PCR test.

Persons who are residents in Malta and were expected to return to Malta from listed countries will not need to present a vaccine certificate as long as they are in possession of a negative PCR test up to 72 hours before their arrival.