UĦM warns against coronavirus measures introduced by employers

Workers’ union UĦM says COVID-19 measures introduced by employers are creating confusion, saying it will not hesitate to call for industrial action if no solution is found

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Workers’ union UĦM has warned against COVID-19 measures being introduced by employers, saying they are confusing and were symptomatic of the fact that rather than adopting a common strategy, each workplace is behaving as if it was a Mini-Public Health Authority.

The complaint comes after a number of employees spoke to the union regarding measures being put in place by their employers.

“This Union has always urged workers to comply with the policies and procedures issued by the Health Authorities and is not willing to accept public health policies drafted by the employers,” a statement read.

It called for the issue to be resolved around the discussion table, but said that it would not hesitate to resort to industrial action if no solution is found.