Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation denies transferring patient data to third parties

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation says all patient information is treated as 'strictly confidential'

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation has denied that patient data or information was ever transferred to any third party, including Binance's cryptocurrency foundation.

In a statement on Wednesday, the foundation said all patient information in its hands was treated as strictly confidential and in line with the law.

“The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation further reiterates its steadfast respect towards the protection of all patient information and their private details,” the foundation said.

On Tuesday, the Times of Malta reported that Binance's cryptocurrency foundation, which was holding around €7 million worth of donation pledges for cancer patients, was waiting for patient information from the Malta Community Chest Fund to distribute the funds.

Binance said that it was waiting for the Community Chest Fund to verify patient information and their medical bills and crypto wallet address.

The charity said this was done to ensure that the donated crypto assets reach the beneficiaries directly.

The Community Chest Fund and the Binance foundation are in a legal battle over the donation pledges. The Community Chest Fund has yet to receive the pledged money and has filed an injunction to prevent Binance foundation from liquidating its foundation and relocating to the US.