Urgent appeal for O positive blood as heatwave keeps donors away

Public encouraged to urgently visit national blood transfusion centre as only half of required donations were made in the last three days due to the heavwave

The National Blood Transfusion Service has made an urgent appeal for blood donations of an O positive type.

The current heatwave is drying out the current blood supply, as in the last three days only half of the required donations were made.

The NBTS has called on the public, especially those whose family members of friends are currently due for a blood transfusion, to visit the Gwardamanġa centre as soon as possible and offer their donation.

They appealed for prudence at work, on the road and at sea so that accidents are avoided.

The centre in Gwardamanġa is open all week from 8am to 6pm and one is required to present the ID card. More information could be found on the website or by calling on 79307307 or on the Freephone 80074313.